I thought I would share what’s been going on in the studio as I have been working on multiple canvases at the same time. It has been a push and pull experience. We are not finished yet.



I have been working on an interesting project for the past couple of months:

At my recent exhibition ‘Of Tree’s and Water’ @ The Wine Therapist, here in Dallas, a poet asked if I would paint a commission for him based on some of his published poetry. How could I resist?

I will be honest, there were some daunting moments but only due to the fact I was interpreting someone’s heartfelt work and words and wanted to do them justice!
Having said that, at times when I felt I was losing the thread , I would re-read the poem I had chosen and the imagery would come again. It ws a new way of working and an engaging process.

I am happy to say, the painting was picked up on Saturday and he was very pleased with the result!
I’m relieved as it had been painted sight unseen.
I had asked to send updates but he was wonderfully trusting and said he was sure it would be perfect!
I appreciate his confidence as it enabled me to try a new way of channelling inspiration. 

Also, I feel quite honored that he asked to use an image of  ‘Of Water I’ for the front cover of the next book of published poetry!
Bonus is I get a copy too! 🙂

I hope he enjoys ‘Green Days’ as much as I enjoyed the journey creating it!
A big Thank you Mr Poet!
So here is a photo of the finished painting: 


I have been having a great time painting the past couple of weeks. It is always refreshing after an exhibition is over and you get to begin a new series. It is also daunting at times…where to start?

I get in the mood by stretching up new canvases and gesso priming them ready like white promises of what is to come. They inspire me to be bold… 

I have nearly finished a commission I recceived at the last show (‘Of Tree’s and Water’) from a local poet. He gave me his published works and asked me to read them and let the feeling of the words come through as I paint. The result is pleasing. It has taken many a turn along the way but when I felt disconnected I would read another poem and it reignited the thread of what was coming through.

Meanwhile, I have been exploring a brighter palette and bolder strokes. It suits the tone of the new year for me. I hope to make a series in the vein of the first painting for the year. It is enegetic and so much fun to paint like that. Wide gestures, sweeping hand movements that use the whole body to come through, it is very much like a dance!

Often times painting is as much about when to stop as it is the process of building. With my layering technique I often have many stopping points along the way. There are times I wish I had of stopped when I didn’t but in time these paintings have a lot of depth and are worth the sacrifice of what lies underneath.

Each layer adds a vibrational element that changes the whole painting. Some works just beg to be taken to the limit. The commission has been one of those. I have thought I was finished at least 3 times already but then it beckons for another layer, another color and so on. I still havwe a final glaze to go but it feels complete right now. I will see if it still feels that way tomorrow! 🙂

Here is a photo of the studio last night. The commission is drying on the floor. The rest of the work is still incomplete but all of it is being worked on regularly. I work on multiple canvases at a time as each layer needs to dry before I can paint another. I paint every day so I need to have a few on the go, it keeps things interesting!


My first painting of the New Year!


I have had a lot of fun channelling the New Year energy, using Bright Oranges and Pinks, Zinc White and Turquoise!

A great start to 2013!

May this year be full of exciting challenges that help me grow personally and artistically!

Happy New Year everyone!



This painting was originally made as a Triptych in ‘The Fire Within’ series.
I sold the two end pieces a couple of years back to a family (dear friends) in Canada. I kept this middle painting as I loved it and was not ready to part with it.

I recently showed ‘Of Fire I’ in the ‘Of Tree’s and Water’ exhibition.
It sold!

I am happy to say, it has found it’s new home with a wonderful family I like very much, so it helps to know I may get to see it again on their wall! 

There comes a time when a painter must let go of work to make way for the new. There is always new work coming through and it is hard not to get attached to some pieces that become ‘favorites’ but there is only so much wall space  and there is something deeply satisfying about selling a painting you want to keep for yourself.

I hope the family who bought it enjoys it as much as I have..

Here is a picture of all three pieces hung together. 


One of my new neighbors has just bought ‘Of Tree’s I’.


It is in a spot especially designed for an artwork and properly lit with canned lighting.
It can be seen as you descend their staircase and as you walk up the hallway. 
I think it looks better ‘in situ’ than it did at the show!
I’m very pleased indeed.
Perhaps they may take a photo for me to share? I shall ask.
I can almost hear the painting say Thank you!



Quite often people ask me how and why I stretch my own canvas.

I like to do things the old fashioned way and I believe stretching my own gives me a better control of the quality of my finished product.

Yes, it can be time consuming, especially when making larger canvases but I like the result.

I also coat my canvas at least 3 times with Gesso primer before applying any oil paint, which ensures a sound ground on which to lay the paint. Gesso enables the paint to adhere to something and not seep or bleed through the material of the canvas. 

Instead of trying to explain in words I thought I would pass on this link I found on the Blick website.

Hope this is helpful in answering the question of how one stretchers a canvas!

This photo is at least 6 years old but it is fun to recollect the conditions I managed to produce work in, during my early days as an artist!


I was in a rush to photograph these paintings before they left for the show, unfortunatley the quality of the pictures is not the best but still, here they are.


A couple of the paintings are in homes being ‘tried for size’.
I have a policy that a client should hang the painting in their home to make sure if feels right to them in the environment it will live, if they decide to purchase it.
I would much rather find out it is a mis-match before hand, than to have someone buy a painting and not be happy with how it works in their home.
I want them to love it! 🙂
At present I am working on a very exciting commission for a local poet.
I am painting a work inspired by his beautiful poetry.
I will share a picture when it is complete.
Meanwhile, back to the studio! 

I just had a call from Gretchen at ‘The Wine Therapist’ asking for permission to film the paintings in William Foley’s new video clip, which is being shot there. He is a Jazz pianist residing here in Dallas. Of course I said yes! 

So exciting to think they will be captured, along with such musical talent, on film!
I hope to post a copy of the clip down the track, meanwhile, here is a link to William Foley’s website!